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VP’s latest fuel for 4-stroke powersports applications, VPR, bridges the gap between pump gas and race fuel. The "r" is a nod to riders of motorcycles, quads, UTVs, & SXSs that may not require professional grade race fuel, but are looking for performance that is economically practical. Offering 1-2% more power, better throttle response, increased consistency and long-term savings over pump gas, VPR is clearly what your stock (or slightly modified) bike needs. Ethanol-related problems will not be an issue with VPR and you can expect better vaporization, plus a cleaner, more efficient burn than that of street gas. VPR will extend the life of your engine, increase the time between rebuilds and lower your long-term costs, preventing corrosion problems in EFI or carbureted fuel systems in the process.

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